After our very first successful political art show that occurred on November 18th, 2016 - we are back for...

Artists With A Reason Exhibit - v.2

Opening Night: Bridgeport's 3rd Friday, May 19th


Closing Night: Saturday, May 20th


Artist Discussion at 9pm

A themed group exhibition showcasing art that covers topics people need to become aware of and do something about in order to help move this world forward.

Are you just awake? Or are you aware?

Each artist will choose a topic that will be themed with a charity of their choice, where 50% of their sales will be donated to that charity.

Want to be involved? Want to get your voice heard?


Please disregard "any topic" when it's a themed AWARE show.

May's Focused Topic: EQUALITY

Artists: We are looking for passionate and raw, expressive artists to create art based on a topic from today's world you feel needs to have attention brought to it. Such as, but not limited to: hunger, crime, racism, sexism, inequality, abuse, big pharma, government, war, religion, hate crimes, pollution, and so much more.

Create one piece of art based around whatever topic you believe to be a huge issue right now that could be getting overlooked or a harsher light shown upon - express yourself. There are several ways that you can approach this, show the turmoil, the solution or even a strong message - abstract, conceptual, realistic - show us that passion.

To be involved, Entries will need to be sent via email at 150 dpi, along with Artist Bio, website, charity of choice, and topic - along with title card info : Title, mediums, surface, year, size, and price by May 10th.  Art drop off: May 10th from 4pm-8pm.

Meet the artists on May 19th for Bridgeport's 3rd Fridays Open Studios! 

Closing : Saturday, May 20th.